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Shahadah is a start of journey for a new muslim but most of the time it is like someone signing up for a gym membership. A lot more is required to ...
16 Lectures
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This courses focuses on constructs of dehumanisation, with a noted emphasis on Palestine.
6 Lectures
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This course examines the topics of gender, sexuality, and LGBT and gives Muslims the tools necessary to think and speak about them confidently.
45 Lectures
33 Hours
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This course equips you with the tools to intellectually and academically share the truth of Islamic theism.
40 Lectures
8 Hours
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This course explains the role of a Muslim in a world festered by the mechanisms of othering and dehumanisation.
25 Lectures
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Awakening the Truth Within is an advanced dawah training course that takes a student beyond the basic level of dawah training.
91 Lectures
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A transformative course that will equip you with the necessary rational, epistemic, and psycho-spiritual tools to deal with destructive doubts.
42 Lectures