Introduction to Intelligent Design

Discover the intricacies of intelligent design, gaining a nuanced understanding and critical analysis within scientific discourse.
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Subboor Ahmad
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In a landscape marked by polarized views, this course offers a nuanced exploration of intelligent design, unpacking its complexities and shedding light on its place within the scientific realm. This course invites participants to delve into the nuts and bolts of intelligent design, distinguishing fact from fiction and addressing common misconceptions.

The course is ideal for anyone seeking a comprehensive understanding of intelligent design and its implications. Participants will gain insight into the background and cultural aspects surrounding intelligent design, exploring its relevance, advancements, and potential as an alternative to Darwinian evolution. Through rigorous analysis and critical thinking, students will emerge with a deeper appreciation for the complexities of scientific inquiry and a broader perspective on the ongoing discourse between intelligent design and mainstream evolutionary theory.

Subboor Ahmad

Subboor specialises in the philosophy of science with a focus on Darwin’s theory of evolution. He has debated many prominent atheists over the years, including professors, atheist activists and internet personalities, on the topics of science, God’s existence and Darwinism. He has given talks across North America, Latin America, Australia and Africa. Subboor has a BSc in Engineering, a MA and PgCert in Philosophy from Birkbeck College (University of London). He is currently specialising in the philosophy of biology.