How To Be A New Muslim Coach

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Zubair Adamjee
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Shahadah is a start of journey for a new muslim but most of the time it is like someone signing up for a gym membership. A lot more is required to help a new muslim practise Islam.

This course is designed for individuals seeking to guide and support new Muslims on their transformative journey from Shahadah to Salah and integration within the local Muslim community.  The course is backed by our experience of coaching and developing new muslims for over a decade as well as training new coaches. 

Throughout the course, you will gain invaluable insights into avoiding common pitfalls, navigating challenges, and employing regular follow-ups as powerful tools for motivation, education, and coaching.

Zubair Adamjee

Coach Zubair is a dedicated humanitarian leader deeply involved in community organizations, focusing on Dawah to Non-Muslims and aiding New Muslim development. He is a founder of Relieve Humanity International and advises AnNur Welfare and Human Concern International, ensuring efficient international relief efforts. Zubair also serves locally as a Khateeb and Quranic Arabic teacher, promoting spiritual growth. Committed to youth mentorship, he coaches and counsels, instilling leadership qualities.