Nihilism: The End of Meaning

This course hopes to equip you to understand the problem of nihilism, and give you greater insight into its causes and its effects.
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the end of nihilism

Nihilism is a global phenomena. It is something you or someone you know may very well be dealing with right now, or at some point in the future. It relates to the question of our purpose and meaning in life, and is something people struggle with around the world on a daily basis

In this course we aim to explore the subject of Nihilism and its associated problems. Nihilism relates to the feeling of meaninglessness in life, and is interconnected with many other subjects, such as epistemology, ethics and social philosophy. We have aimed this particular project at everyone, Muslim & non-Muslim. If you are reading this, then it will be a valuable source of information for you (whether or not you recognise it yet). 

It can be intimately related to feelings of depression and suicide, which are both very serious issues that the modern world is currently having to face. This course hopes to equip you to understand the problem of nihilism, and give you greater insight into its causes and its effects. In having a deeper understanding of the issues at play here, we hope that you will be in a better position to react to it when you recognise it, or maybe even see things unfolding that you haven’t noticed before. We also aim to introduce you with information and practical advice to show you that Islam is a solution to many of the issues that we outline within the course.  

Yusuf Ponders

Yusuf Ponders has a 1st class degree in Philosophy and has specialised in Nihilism. He is the manager of Sapience Institute's Lighthous Mentoring service and has delivered educational programmes on Nihilism and the meaning of life. Yusuf runs a Youtube channel called "Pondering Soul", which focuses on Philosophy and Theology, and he is the a co-host of the "Thought Adventure Podcast".