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Londoniyyah Exam

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Islam promotes the loss of national languages and seeks to replace it with Arabic.

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Nations and national identity may be defined in terms of common , ethnicity, or ties.

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When one has achieved the state of , one will reach the final abode of life, which is referred to as

According to the Buddhists, Buddha is a deity.

What does mutawatir (mass narrated) Hadith in the Shī’a corpus say with regards to people who deny the imamah?

All groups who are referred to as “the Shī’a” believe in 12 infallible imams.

Rashad Khalifa, one of the leading figures in the Hadith rejection movement, used hadith in order to justify rejecting verses of the Qur’an as fabricated.

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Fill the gaps: There are many things which Allah , but not everything Allah speaks is the .

Which are the most important and primary scriptures in Hinduism?

Hinduism has an element of monotheism within it.

There is evidence that some sahaba disputed the Uthmanic Codex.

When a written verse from the Qur’an was brought forward, how many witnesses were required who could confirm it was written in front of the Prophet (saw)?

The Qur’an was not written down during the time of the Prophet Muhammad (saw).

With regards to the Qira’at, what percentage of the words in the Qur’an have an alternative reading?

The idea of one common ancestor is:

If the design argument is disproved by Darwinism, what does that mean?

The notion that evolution necessarily infers atheism is a new idea, and was not present in the discussions of the past (including with Darwin).

With regards to the broader view of Bidah, Imam Nahawi:

The standard Salafi position is that anything the prophet (saw) or the sahaba (ra) did not do is a Bidah and is rejected.

Occasionalism is the notion that each and every moment is disconnected from every other moment, and all are directly created independently by Allah without any relation to each other. For example, moment A is followed by moment B, which is followed by moment C. It appears that moment A causes moment B, which causes moment C, but they have no real relationship to each other, and each is created by Allah separately.

What did the Mu’tazilah believe about Allah in relation to our actions?

The issue of free will is a problem exclusively for the theistic worldview.

Mirza predicted that he would enter Mecca and Medina and before his death he:

What do the Ahmadiyyah believe about Jesus (AS)?

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The prophet (saw) did not detail the various beliefs of the khawarij, but he did highlight certain attributes that they would have. He said they would be in age, they would be foolish and pedantic, and have enmity towards the .

We know a lot about the khawarij due to a collection of their writings which have been preserved since the initial disagreements.

What was the first issue that Muslims disagreed upon?

What two religions do the Sikh’s synthesise?

The Sikh guru’s believed in the prophethood of Muhammad (saw)

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Origen said that “The God and Father, who holds the universe together, is to every being that exists, for He imparts to each one from His own existence that which each one is; the Son, being than the Father, is superior to rational creatures alone.

The conception of the trinity as three distinct persons of God, who are of the same essence, co-eternal and co-equal, is a 1st century development established by the Early Church Fathers.

Jesus (AS) is said to be:

What proportion of the ulemma believe that the torah was completely preserved at the time of the prophet Muhammad (saw)?

It can be concluded that Muhammad (saw) is prophesised in the previous scriptures.

Fill the gaps:

The difference between the Ethical Egoist and the Muslim is that the Ethical Egoist takes as the ultimate authority, and the Muslim takes as the ultimate authority.

Ethical Egoism is the notion that you…:

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At the time of Prophet Yusuf (AS) there was a ruler who was referred to differently in the Bible than he was in the Qur’an. In the Bible he was referred to as a , but in the Qur’an he is referred to as a . If the Qur’an copied the Bible in this respect, it would have made the same historical mistake.

It is a fact that the Arabic society at the time of the prophet (saw) were highly poetic, it is a fact that the Qur’an challenged those people to produce a chapter like it (the Qur’an), and it is a fact that no one was able to overcome this challenge with any success.

The argument that Muhammad (SAW) was a hedonist does not hold any weight. If one simply looks into the life of the prophet, they will see that he was a simple man who sacrificed a lot in the world and was more concerned with the hereafter.

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There are two conditions, the first are conditions, which are things that MUST be the case for revelation to be true. The second are conditions, which are to satisfy probabilistic expectations.

Jack Conrad describes Socialism as a transition period between capitalism and communism.

There are an abundance of examples of Marxist states which allow the free practice of religion by the populous.

How does Jack Conrad define Marxism?

Marx thought that the fall of the proletariat was inevitable, and that the bourgeoisie would ultimately be successful.

Who are the “Proletariat”?

Who are the “Bourgeoise”?

Islam is a pessimistic religion, and so has a link with Nihilism.

What is Moral Nihilism?

What is Nihilism not associated with?

Karl Marx was in favour of individualism.

Fill the gaps:

“Freedom of choice and self-determination are , but when selfish individual interests threaten to destroy , the limits of individualism are exposed.”

Which can be said to be true of Islam?

Which of the following is a fundamental assumption of Individualism?

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In individualism, the individual is prioritised above and over the .

There is a distinction between causation and dependence.

The fallacy of composition is unjustifiably inferring that… :

Fill in the gaps:

Dependency is defined as something which upon something else for its .

Fill in the gaps:

Robin Collins says “The core fine-tuning argument relies on a standard Principle of theory, the so-called Principle.”

Which one of the following things are not mentioned by Hijab when explaining what the fine tuning argument is not?

Fill in the gaps:

Excluded from the category of “things” are existences.

Which of the following propositions is not mentioned in Hijab’s formulation of the Contingency argument:

Allah’s attributes are not fundamentally separable from His essence, therefore, they are not to be considered parts.

What is a necessary existence?

What is a contingent existence?

A disagreement mentioned by Hijab between ibn Taymiyya and al Razi was:

Which of the following principles are not among those mentioned with regards to the masalah (common interest) mentioned by Al-Ghazali…

With regards to consequentialism, the sharia is:

Which of the following is not consequentialism?

Under the Categorical Imperative, what should a wife do if a man comes looking for her husband to kill him?

Fill in the blanks:

The categorical Imperative: I ought never to except in such a way that I could also will that my maxim should become a .

What is the right thing to do based on in deontological ethics?

It is inconceivable that under Liberalism capital punishment for treason could take place, under any circumstances as it takes away from the freedom of the individual.

What does Hijab mention as being the opposite of Human Rights?

Political Liberalism has Hedonism as a part of its epistemological basis.

Fill in the gaps:

Regarding moral inferences, David Hume says that you cannot get from what the case, to how things to be.

James Mill argues that:

What ethical theory does social liberalism presuppose?

What is the major recurring factor that contributes to stranger rape?

In relation to the “sex vs gender” discourse, Judith Butler is famous for saying that sex is a:

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Equality in does not equal Equality in .

What controversial opinions were held by some of the most prominent first wave feminists?

When did Women’s Suffrage come into fruition?

In the context of the lecture, what is the difference between SYNTAX & SEMANTICS

You can be a Methodological Naturalist and do science while still believing in a God. Being a Methodological Naturalist does not commit you to Metaphysical or Ontological Naturalism.

Naturalism does not exclude the possibility of the supernatural. As far as a naturalist is concerned, the supernatural may possibly exist; we just don’t know.

Which of the following are NOT among the commonly accepted conditions for knowledge?

Which theory holds that truth is whatever is successful or works?

What is Epistemology the study of?

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